gallant NAMES margarita kareva as artist of the summer


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A few times a year, we highlight incredible artists wherever we can. Right now, we are celebrating the work of Margarita Kareva. When we partnered with Kareva on our site redesign, we aimed to represent the transformative brand strategies that we develop for our clients. Kareva’s work captures our agency’s vision to connect brand culture and strategy as one.


“Pairing the artist’s images with our proven transformative traits breathes life into our words, truly creating a visual representation of the work that we do for clients. No company is too technical, too B2B, too complex or too traditional to be enchanting to the people that matter most – employees and customers.” - Brandy Obvintseva, founder of GALLANT.


Our agency believes that the single greatest opportunity for organizations of any size is the same: To articulate a powerful Vision and vest employees and customers in that Vision.


See more of Margarita's work here.


2001 Kirby Dr. Suite 1009

Houston, Texas 77019

(877) 742-5526


Culture designers, creatives and strategic thinkers making brands more enchanting.